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HI FRIENDS! i cant believe you are actually reading my very first official blog post! what should i say- welcome? thank you? hi there!? all of the above!? No words seem to do this greeting justice. but know from the bottom of my heart how (friggin) excited I am that you are here:)

You see, i have talked myself out of doing this for years, but HERE I AM. no more talking myself out of anything that is in my heart to do! And no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just getting started. So check out my first VLOG. make sure to follow me on instagram (@katyyeagerlifestyle, say hi- comment with thoughts and feedback, lets be friends:)

SO what can you expect?

I want to be real. I’m not into wasting your time. I want to give you a thought or two that will inspire, encourage, and yes even challenge you. 😉

Also fun fact: with every blog post, I’ll let you know what i’m diffusing.

For my first Vlog, I was diffusing stress away + citrus fresh. because putting yourself out there is stressful! (and exciting!)


And then I’ll leave you with a final thought for you to chew on.

So here it goes: when was the last time you did something that scared you and excited you all at the same time? for me, this blog definitely falls into that category.

Cheers to doing it scared, for showing up for yourself and others, and for living your best life.